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Since Florida is so flat, most areas require the use of Lift Stations to move sewage to the treatment plant. When there is an extended power outage, the sewage fills the sewer lines in the neighborhood until they are full and then the sewage will flow from the lowest point. This point can be in someone's home, at the lift stations themselves and even the sewer covers can begin to leak raw sewage. The sewage can end up in a yard or street and flow into the storm water drainage system, so do not let your children play in the water after a storm.

  • In order to prevent sewage spills... Please Conserve Water!
  • Limit the times you flush your toilets or run water down the drains.
  • Take less and shorter showers or use less bath water if bathing.
  • Do not run water while brushing your teeth, washing hands, or face.
  • Use paper plates and plastic utensils to avoid washing dishes.
  • Do not use the garbage disposal. Throw garbage in trash.
  • Collier County monitors lift stations while power is out and has "honey dippers" available to pump out systems if there are problems.
  • Remember that power comes on in scattered ares. Just because your power is on, does not mean that power is on the entire way to the water treatment plant. Do NOT start using a lot of water immediately. Continue to conserve or the plants may be overwhelmed.