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Due to the large amount of carbon monoxide poisonings from generators, the North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District is notifying you of a potential death risk related to the use of your generator. The exhause from portable generators produces a by-product that is colorless and odorless.

Generator Safety

  • Read the Owner's Manual prior to use
  • Purchase a carbon monoxide monitor and install in a room nearest to the generator
  • Check oil and fuel levels before starting the generator
  • Ground generator prior to use
  • Provide regular maintenance according to the instruction in your owner's manual
  • Do not overload the generator's capacity
  • Air cooled engines run hot and the exhause can ignite a fire
    • Keep flammable items away from generator
  • Never plug the generator into a wall outlet to power the entire home or run an extension to a neighbor's outlet
  • Use the proper size electrical cords with no cuts or frays. Do not pinch the cords in doors or windows.
  • Turn off generator before re-fueling and allow the generator to cool before re-fueling.
  • Plug devices directly into generator
    • Never back feed your house circuits--Never connect your generator to your house wiring. This creates hazards for your home and the utility personnel trying to restore your service.

Generator Placement

  • Keep generator away from falling or standing water to avoid electric shock or generator malfunctions.
  • Place a minimum of 15 feet from any opening such as windows, patio doors, and open garage doors.
  • Ensure the wind is not blowing generator fumes towards any open windows. Be cautious of blowing gas fumes toward your neighbors open windows and thus creating a hazardous situation for them.


Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

1. Headache 8. Difficulty in Coordinating
2. Dizziness 9. Difficulty in Breathing
3. Irritability 10. Chest Pain
4. Confusion/Memory Loss 11. Cerebral Edema
5. Nausea and Vomiting 12. Convulsions/Seizures
6. Disorientation 13. Coma
7. Abnormal Reflexes 14. Death



  • Go to a safe area that is not affected by fumes and contact 911 immediately.
  • Wait for assistance
  • Do NOT re-enter affected area.


Make sure all cooking appliances are turned off and clear of combustibles. Also, do not place your generator in your garage or on your porch/patio.